Why Faceless?

This generation, my generation, has been called many things. Faceless may not be a new term, but it may be the first time it has been used to describe such a large group of people. I know that there is  such a thing as a “Lost Generation”, but that’s not what I mean. Lost suggests that something is missing. We know exactly what we want. We want to be recognized. We want to know who we are. In this reasoning, I could say that we have “lost” our identity.

In reality, I say “Faceless” because it is our identity that has been redefined. Baby Boomers are identified as just that. They are universally recognized as the generation that our parents or grandparents came from. Their world was vastly different from ours and they don’t appear to understand exactly what we’re going through. They have an identity. They know who they are. They rebelled against the system. They were flower children. They changed the world.

In  a culture increasingly run by the Internet every young person has become an activist, a social warrior, and a soldier of information. However, by becoming these we have found a new identity inside the screen, the phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet have become our identity. We are a digital image on a worldwide digital reality. Do the people on the other end really know us? Do they know our hopes and dreams? Our fears and failures? Do they know who we are when we are at home with our family?

Our personality affects our online persona, but maybe it happens the other way. Perhaps our online persona can begin to affect our personality. Don’t get me wrong, I myself can become a victim of the exact same thing. If you’re reading this post, and you don’t really know me, are you seeing me or my online persona?

We are faceless because our faces are elsewhere. We are faceless because we are afraid to show the world who we are. We are faceless, yet we have faces.

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