The Balance of Power.

One of the most powerful and dangerous tools of our current era is Social Media. It helps us to talk with old friends from the other side of the world, it helps us to plan events, and it helps us to manage photos. As with everything, the human element is a major factor that comes into play. The same tools that can help us talk with old friends can be used to tear people down. The same tool that helps us to plan events can also lead us to exclude people from these events. It’s interesting to see that something which is meant as a tool can be used as both a good thing and a bad thing when it begins to be used by a person. The question is though, why wouldn’t we use it? It’s been designed to be used, it’s a tool. The issue comes when the tool begins to be used in the wrong way.

How can we use the tool in the correct way? Jumping on the bandwagon allows us to be connected to all the latest trends and viral things going on in the world. When we jump on the bandwagon we feel a sense of connectivity with others doing the same thing, we blend in. What if we created the bandwagon? What if we created the movement? This is the power of social media. This is the power of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, and so many others. So how does this work? How do we do create the bandwagon? By knowing who we are, and by helping others know who they are. Once the ball starts rolling, who knows how far it could go?

Evidence of this working is happening all over the world all of the time. People are searching for something different. This search is the reason for Brexit. This search is the reason for Donald Trump. How can something become so polarizing? It can become so polarizing because of the nature of our social media world. Media is different now than it used to be. People are sick of being unseen so they create something and post it. The world sees it. A movement starts. The faceless begin to have a face. The faceless begin to identify themselves through media, and so we end up coming full circle. Power used to mean something different, now it is on the screen. Power seems to be with whoever can yell the loudest across the entire world. This could mean many things.

To truly understand social justice, we have to understand that there is an imbalance of power. Once we understand that we can begin to change it. This is the reason why we need to find our identity, and to help others to find theirs. Once we understand ourselves, we are no longer enslaved to the ideals of others. We are no longer enslaved to the bandwagon, we can begin to move the bandwagon ourselves.


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