Social Influence or Social Interference?

If we are the ones impacting our social circle then how can we tell if we are really making a difference? Is there a way to determine if we are influencing our social circle or just interfering in their lives? A thing that I’ve noticed in myself and in others is that our attention span is vastly shorter than other generations. We need snappier punchlines quicker than we’ve ever had them. This is mirrored in advertising. Buy it now! This sale won’t last long! We see it videos as well. The people we watch online appeal to us because they do something humorous or something we enjoy, and they catch our attention from the get go.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that we get conflicting messages from different sources. Do this. No, don’t do that. Follow the crowd. Be your own independent person. These messages are everywhere and they just confuse everything. We end up going in circles because the messages everyone else is telling us are different from what we ourselves want or need.

How can we be the voice of reason without being seen as interfering with others lives? I don’t think that we can. I think our responsibility is to see the person as having a different view to us, having a different perspective on life. I believe we can help them to understand who they are. I believe we can show them that a change needs to happen, but I don’t think that we can force that change upon them, they need to come to that realization themselves. Our responsibility becomes more of a guidance role then a strict “I know what I’m talking about so you have to listen to me” role. There is so much radio interference in the world that any push from any direction can put someone over the edge.

Could this just feed into the sense of apathy? I suppose it could, but I’m not suggesting apathy. Rather, I’m suggesting that we gently nudge people towards this new model of thinking, this new perspective. Maybe this is how we begin to change our social circle.

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