What is Democracy and how does it affect us?

What is Democracy? I believe this is one of the biggest questions which we face in our current global climate. Democracy has come to mean many different things. Every country has it’s own way of doing government, this in itself affects how every country defines democracy. The way a democracy should be run is defined by the individual. Each individual believes something different, each individual is influenced by their parents beliefs and their friends belief’s in a different way. I couldn’t begin to understand how this translates into a person’s political beliefs. However, I do believe that the democracy is redefined by how each person views it, that is the beauty and curse of democracy.

In a democracy, no one person is ever going to be completely pleased by whoever is in power. This brings into question the very concept of approval ratings. How do you justify approval ratings which come from 3 or 4 different sources when a unique individual doesn’t even believe in the approval ratings from those sources. People will only listen to what they believe, and so everyone walks around in a cloud of their own self importance and self knowledge because “I only listen to this source, so it must be right.” or, “My information comes from the critically acclaimed newspaper, so I’m right.” Intellectual relativism is the biggest curse that plagues democracy.

The illusion of choice.

No one truly chooses anything, and yet everyone has the ability to choose. This is the entire push of advertising and marketing. This is the entire push of democracy. The interesting thing occurs when people refuse to choose what the rest of society is telling them to.

How does this relate to influence? How does this relate to redeeming a generation? Everyone thinks they know how you’re going to choose. Social media aims to influence you  in this way. The internet is possibly the number one source of influence in the world. I’m not telling you to shut it down and become a hermit. On the contrary, I’m asking you to use it for good.

Exercise your democracy.

Exercise your freedom of choice.

Understand what democracy is and understand how it can be changed. A country can only become better if people are working towards a common goal. People will always think differently, and that’s a great thing. The issue to solve is how do we get people to work together for a common cause when they think differently. I will explore that a bit more in depth in another post.

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