Effecting Community Change. Is it possible?

People are always going to think differently. This is one of the essences of humanity. Social injustice is one of the negative side effects of this difference between humans. Slavery, genocide, hunger, and more all stem from these different thought patterns. I think that the question we have to ask though is whether anything has actually changed? Sure, we consider ourselves “enlightened” and we “don’t do those things anymore”, but the fact of the matter is that these things still exist just in different forms. These things are hidden in different ways. Can we change these? If so, then how?

There are no definitive answers to these questions. People have been trying to change these things for centuries, and yet they seem to keep rearing their ugly heads. The only difference is that we now have a greater potential in modern technology to change these things. We can take a “boots on the ground” approach, which is amazing. I absolutely respect people who do that, but too often their work is diminished by those of us who sit behind the screen or desk giving them advice and berating them for doing things in a specific way.

What I’m proposing is not that we go out there with them, which may not be a bad thing if it’s done with the right heart attitude. Rather, I’m suggesting that we adjust our thought patterns to align with those who do have boots on the ground. I’m suggesting that we support them in whatever way we can, and whether we’re inspired to join them physically or mentally, at least we’re with them. This is one of the true iterations of what it is to be in community.

Let’s support those who are in different parts of the world changing those parts, but also let’s become the boots on the ground in our own communities. The world won’t change us or our communities from the outside in but from the inside out. As we feed into our communities we begin to feed out into the world.

Once we change our own perspective we can begin to change the perspective of our social circle. Once we change the perspective of our social circle we can begin to change the perspective of our community. As the perspective changes then the feeling of the community changes perhaps for the better, perhaps not, but at least there is a change. When we can begin to see a change in our community, then it stands to reason that perhaps we can truly change the world.

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