Being a part of the Global Community

The idea of Global Community has become highly prevalent in the Information Age which we currently live in. The internet allows us access to untold magnitudes of information. By definition we already live in a global community. So how does this impact our interactions with each other? I would be willing to suggest that perhaps the internet has become our one source of defining others. For example, our experiences with other cultures are no longer face to face, they are instead viewed through the lens of the information we see.

People find the internet sources which relate the best to their own personal ideas about certain cultures and people. They then have the tendency to hold everything that comes from that source up as the only truth. The problem is that people make mistakes. The higher that we hold them up, then the worse it is for us when they fall which they will invariably do.

Perhaps being part of a Global Community involves knowing that there are different sources of information and being willing to read those or watch those despite how uncomfortable they make us feel. Rather than placing unfair expectations upon people, perhaps we should set realistic expectations. I’m not suggesting we set our standards and expectations low because those are also unfair, rather I’m suggesting that we learn what that specific person believes so that if they come out with something we don’t agree with then we are not going to be mad.

Let’s be aware of our own expectations.

Once we are aware of these, then we have less chance of jumping at the throat of every person who makes us mad by having different political beliefs, enjoying dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, or read different books to us. Being responsible for our own actions is the first step towards creating community.

Also, I believe that we should take the chance to understand the differences between our culture and others. Let’s not believe everything that ┬áthe internet says about people, but draw our own conclusions. Once we start changing our own attitudes about cultures then we can start changing the world.

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