Exploring Global Equity

To be a part of a Global Community means that we have to remove the ideas of ingrained nationalism and search for Unity. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly fine to be patriotic towards your own country, in fact it’s a good thing as it allows you to understand what has made you who you are today. It is only when Nationalism goes awry that issues begin to surface.

Global unity is one of the things which many people seek after, but I don’t believe it is the thing we should be seeking after, rather we should be seeking Global Community. If Global Unity was a thing I believe it would be very similar to equality. Equality is great, equity is better. Equality still allows those who are better at things to remain better because everyone is given the same things, but the outcomes remain different. Equity however allows for people to reach the same outcomes. Everybody is different, and not everyone reaches those outcomes, but we should still be giving the opportunities for these people to get there. That is equity. Global Community begins to seek this.

Seeking Global Community can place us into a moral quandary however. How can we justify giving everyone the same thing? I honestly don’t believe we can. This is a problem that is currently being faced in many countries. The government hands out money to try to bring everyone to the same level, but in reality they are just feeding into equality and not into equity. If we can’t reach equity in our own countries, then how can we expect to reach equity on a global scale. Perhaps we are not meant to. Perhaps as we try to reach equity in our own neighbourhoods then we will begin to see equity spreading to the rest of the nation and then to the world.

Maybe, Global equity means something completely different to national equity. There are gross imbalances in the world, but perhaps they are meant to be there. You can’t have light without dark, it’s a hard factor of life, but it is a truth. Our own humanity says that this is wrong, how can we justify living our lives in certain ways when there are people living in the depths of poverty?

These are the questions I have been asking myself. So what can we do to change these outcomes? I honestly can’t answer that question. People live in bondage to themselves. We live in bondage to our screens. Others live in bondage to their circumstances. How do we break free? Can we break free?

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