The Fire

In life there are times of great trials and the valley is one of those moments. Another one of these times is when we walk through the fire.

Fire burns. Fire hurts. These are facts which are commonly known about fire. Smoke burns eyes. All sorts of things happen in the fire.

I believe other things happen in the fire too though. When you put metal into a fire, the fire’s purpose is to melt out the impurities in the metal. When we walk through flames on our journey, the fire’s purpose is to begin to burn out the impurities in us, so that when we come out the other side we are stronger and better able to face the trials.

I would suggest that the fire is almost like preparation for something greater that is coming. How does this affect the way in which we interact with others? Some of us are still in the fire, some of us have left it, but some of us are still on our way to it. If we can communicate to these people that the fire isn’t the end of the world then perhaps we can help others on their journey. If we are closer to the point where we’re supposed to be, then we can direct others and tell them that the fire is not the end, the fire is for strengthening.

The fire helps us to understand who we are, and when we understand that we can help others understand who they are. The fire is important. Don’t avoid the fire, because once you’re through that you’re stronger because of it. It feels like the end of the world to walk through but don’t give up hope.

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