Words, Words, Words

Words are powerful. Words are dangerous.

Everything that we say is weighted in a specific way. It all just depends on what we want. This may seem like a fatalist viewpoint, but the truth is hidden between the lines. You’ll understand the truth of this if you have ever said anything you want to take back and say again. Words become concrete. The more you use them, the more people hear them, then the more cemented they become. The more they become a part of you.

What are words? What is so important about this thing called language? It changes and adapts so readily that things which may have meant something 10 years ago don’t mean the same thing now. To use words is to bare one’s soul to the winds of change, to the rain of ridicule, to the thunderous power of communication.

I like to think of words as a river. They flow easily from the brain. They roll off the tongue. They vibrate with passion. They can envelop you in their cold embrace and toss you over and under ceaselessly. They batter you against the rocks. The rapids close in around you. Then they stop. Dangerous words. Peaceful words. Words which float delicately along. Words which meander through gorgeous countrysides. Words which dance through tall trees.

Why do we allow ourselves to let words control us? Why do we let words take over? Perhaps communication is more than words. Communication is emotion. Communication is art. We just sum it all up in a nice group of symbols called letters and words, sentences and paragraphs, stories and poems, but what is it really?

Communication is messy. We misinterpret things. We allow ourselves to misinterpret things. Sometimes it’s easier to be blind to something than it is to allow it to impact us. We walk around trying to keep everything positive and happy, but life isn’t like that. Apologies can go unaccepted. This shouldn’t happen, but it does.

How do we cement our words so that they uplift? How do we cement our words so that we grow as a person in wisdom? I think that this is something we find out as we work together. I think that this is something which comes to us as we allow our words to bring life and positiveness to others.

Words are dangerous. Words are powerful. Words are beneficial.

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