Beauty in Pain

Beauty in pain
Faith in the rain
Love that does not drain
Hearts without a stain

What does it mean to see beauty in the pain? It seems impossible at times. Aren’t pain and beauty polar opposites? Yes and no. It depends on how the pain is handled. People are going to come up against you, it just happens, but the question is, can you love that person irrespective of what they’re trying to do? Beauty is different in so many ways. Pain hurts, that’s the nature of pain, but how we handle it defines who we are and who we become.

How do we have faith in the rain? Rain can be uncomfortable, just like pain. It’s cold and it’s wet… that is, until you reach the end of the storm. Everything is so clean and fresh. If it has been hot you can almost see the land and trees sigh with relief as the fresh clear rain hits them. The same can happen to us. If we realise that the storm doesn’t last forever, if we don’t let the fear control us, then we can enjoy the freshness that comes after the rain.

What about love that doesn’t drain? We all have our limits, right?


If the love comes from the right place then it should never cease to amaze us. Love is the emotion that never stops giving. If love begins to take things away then can it be called true love? Some people have had so much taken from them that they don’t understand this type of love. When that happens, then it becomes our responsibility to show these people that love. If we can begin to show them that the damage can be repaired, then perhaps they will begin to see that true type of love through us.

After the rain the plant grows
During the pain the heart knows
That  beauty comes from deep inside
That love never leaves on the eventide

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