Musing on Rain

I sit here listening to the rain on the roof wondering what makes it sound so peaceful. I know that I have so much to do, and I’ve been doing it but it’s just nice to sit back and listen to the rain. I feel like rain reminds me that there is so much more at play than what is going on inside my head. Rain makes everything feel cleaner.

Every single drop different and yet all working together to create a peaceful noise. Some would call it obnoxious, but it’s soothing. I suppose that it is only a matter of perspective, but I suppose rain makes you step back and take in the world at face value. People all over the area are hearing the same sounds or outside feeling the cold freshness on their skins.

Some might suggest that rain signifies freedom. Freedom. Such an interesting concept. Rain does tend to wash things away. Things that were dirty. Things that were becoming too much, like the heat. Things are washed away leaving only cleanness.

Rain can also be dangerous. Too much rain and things which you don’t want to disappear are washed away, but it is also welcoming. When you are in a place which isn’t home, rain reminds you that it can be everywhere. Rain connects you to the place you’re in because you recognise that this happens in many places.

Rain connects people. Everyone generally wants out of it and so they all rush to a warm place where they huddle together sharing their experiences with rain over coffee or hot chocolate.

Rain is an interesting thing.

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