Musing on Growth

I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been busy, which while not being a bad thing does mean that my writing has suffered a little bit.

I went back to visit my old college this past week, it’s really interesting going to a place which you spent so much time in and catching up with people you haven’t seen in a few months. They’ve grown, but you’ve grown as well. It just makes me wonder why people do grow in different directions. I believe that everyone has a purpose which has been set out for them, but that sometimes decisions are made which divert from that purpose for a little while. That doesn’t mean to say that they’re never going to fulfil that purpose, I suppose it just means that they’re taking the long way around the mountain.

Life is an interesting journey, we all grow at different rates and into different things, does that mean anything less for a particular person’s growth? Not at all. It just means that their purpose leads in a different direction. In the same way that the natural world has many different plants and trees that grow at different rates, reach maturity at different times, and have different purposes, so it is the same with the vast majority of humanity.

How can we foster a growth mentality and a growth purpose in a world that sometimes seems determined to fight that growth? I honestly can’t answer that for everyone, individuals need to realise their growth potential and where they want to be themselves. For me that means looking at ways to improve the world and change the predominant ideas or cultures. For others it could mean something completely different, but we can all work together in our different regions and do something amazing.

I guess I’m trying to change the world, but I know I can’t do it on my own. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying, and I’m curious to see where I end up after this journey of growth. Maybe that’s why I was supposed to visit the college, to see what I could become, and to see what others could also become.

Let’s grow together.


One thought on “Musing on Growth

  1. Good thoughts here! Part of the way we can foster growth is to encourage people to pursue the things they’re gifted in. I believe those of us who perhaps have more confidence the things God has called us to and are more secure in our identity can really boost others as they journey along. I think of Deborah from Judges who encouraged Barak that God was with him and to be bold. Barak was still hesitant and asked Deborah to go with him. She did and a great victory was won.


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