An Update

Life has been crazy busy for me recently again, and my posting has suffered because of it. It’s often good I think to take a step back and figure out the direction you want something to go. Blogging is an interesting thing, to get any kind of exposure you need to be constantly posting new and interesting content, which is hard to do when you’re busy doing other things. So here’s just a brief update on how things are going.

I’m hoping to continue posting at least one blog a week on a particular subject, whether it be growth, or a review of a movie in light of something which I’ve been thinking about. I’ll need to fit it in somewhere, but I think it would be good to do.

In amongst that, I’ll also try to post snippets of stories that I’m working on, be it the current short story which I haven’t finished yet. (Expect Part 1 of that which encompasses the first 4 parts I’ve written to come directly after this post). I’ve got plenty of story ideas and I just need to get them moving and I feel like getting them out on this blog will help me to get them moving and provide enjoyment to you. If I can make myself accountable to get this out I think can do it.

That’s about it from me. Thank you for tuning in, I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy it regardless.

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