Musing on Life

Life is crazy. It’s this journey that we’re all on. Sometimes you take a step back and look at what you’ve done and wonder what impact it’s had. Sometimes seeing that is scary. I suppose that the question maybe shouldn’t be, what have I done with my life, but rather what should I do?

Who can I impact today?

Who can I help today?

While this is a very in the moment type of thought, it’s quite nice to take a break from future thinking, step back, and live in the moment for once. Perhaps when we step into the moment those people feel that there is something more to life. In the wise words of Michael Jackson:

“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”

Maybe by looking at ourselves we can better help others to understand that they’re not alone. Maybe by understanding who we are and where we stand then we can help others to understand who they are.

I’m sure there’s some fancy psychological term for this which I could Google and spout off a definition for, but I’d much rather that this be organic and from who I am and perhaps this can be a positive influence for someone else. Sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the moment. I feel like this often isn’t done enough. I believe that some of my best ideas have come from living in the moment even for just a second. That’s not to say that I think we shouldn’t look ahead, rather I’m just saying: take a moment, step back, enjoy life for a moment, and we might find that more people are influenced than we truly realize.

I understand that Life is a huge topic to cover, but there’s more here than just life. Perhaps I’m just realizing these things myself and hoping that my experiences will help you guys out. Thanks for listening.

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