What is Success? How should we View it?

Success is a bit of a tricky topic. Everyone has a different perception of what success is. I’m hoping to dig a little deeper into it and see what truths and potential truths can be pulled out of it.

Most people look at other people who seem to be doing great things and say “These are successful people. Look at them, we should be more like them.” I would like to suggest that there is more to success than that. I believe that success is a state of mind. Success comes from somewhere inside you. While it is easy to look at those other people and think that they have it all together, perhaps what is going on beneath the surface is a lot more complicated. Here are a few things I have drawn out about success:

1. Success can be purely an illusion.

Success is often a game that people play with themselves to put forward this aura of how amazing they are and what great work they’re doing (see my post on the “reality distortion field”). Perhaps they’re trying to compensate for something. Sometimes they really are just great people. The irony behind success is that the more ‘successful’ these people become, then the more they have to project their image of success out to everyone else. I think there is a deeper place that success can come from.

2. Success often comes from within.

Just because someone is projecting an image of success now, that doesn’t mean to say they will always be projecting that image of success. As I said earlier, success is a state of mind. If people begin to believe they’re successful, then they will start to be. However, not everyone wants to know every little detail of every success. The big stuff is important, otherwise it starts to get frustrating.

How does this apply to the concept of a faceless generation?

In our world it is very easy to get bogged down in all the success stories of every person on social media. Everyone has their own success story to talk about. What we all need to realize (which is easier said than done) is that we all have different things we’re good at, we all have different roles, and that we don’t have to put our successes out for everyone to see. Don’t take this the wrong way. In fact, I think that we should take the chances to celebrate our successes, but let’s not let the very idea of success get in the way of what led us to that success

It’s not easy to change the hearts and minds of a generation, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Every success towards a common goal should be cherished. Every step taken should be celebrated. Let’s just not let the success stories take over the process. It’s okay to falter for a bit. It’s okay to have trials. It’s okay to muck up every now and then. This generation is so focused on the ideals of success that we sometimes forget that how we handle the problems along the way can often be more rewarding in the long run than just getting success handed on a platter to us.

Thanks for tuning into some more ramblings of mine.

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