The Germination of Ideas. Understanding the Cycle

Just last week I wrote a post on ideas and the danger behind them. I seem to be continuing on the theme of ideas, which is ironic considering that I have so many incomplete ideas running around in circles in my brain. My brain is like a carousel of ideas going up and down and round in circles. The problem being that none of the ideas seem to get off the ride. They dance into view, hold a prominent position for a time and then go on their merry way once more round the carousel. New ideas get on, don’t get off, and I’m left with the remains of a germ of an idea.

I sit here writing this wondering why this happens to me and whether it happens to anyone else. This blog was written on the small seed of one of those ideas riding the carousel, and it just so happens to appear more than once increasing the frequency of the idea in my minds eye. I understand that there are multiple ideas within this blog and tying them together cohesively is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Why would I even talk so passionately about a generation which doesn’t theoretically exist? Because I believe in that idea. There are patterns I can see exhibited throughout life and my interactions with society, psychology, history, and many other things, and it hurts my logical thought patterns to see people following the same patterns that they have always followed.

People crave familiarity.

Familiarity breeds contempt. (Ironic)

Contempt breeds disgust.

Disgust breeds desire.

Desire for something new.

Something new becomes something old.

Something old becomes familiar.

Rinse and repeat.

How do you continue something when you see the cycle laid out before you? How do you continue something when cynicism becomes commonplace in your mind? Too many rhetorical questions… not enough answers.

The reason this generation is faceless?

Yes, we hide behind our screens for protection.
Yes, we desire something new.
But familiarity and fear get in our way. The cycle always returns. Life seeks equilibrium.
That’s the real reason our generation is faceless, because we are all too afraid to get up and actually do something about our lives, and when we do we are almost guaranteed to play into the political desires of another, because ideas are power.

I talk about breaking the cycle a lot, but I talk about it again. Until now, I didn’t really understand why the cycle can be so dangerous. Can we break the cycle? Let’s hope so.

I apologize for my ramblings in this post. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently regarding the state of the world and the craziness of my own mind, and this explodes outwards into my writing. I hope you can make sense of this. Thank you for listening.

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