Musings on Words and the Power of Writing

I’m taking a little bit of a different tack this post and just blurting out some ideas about words and writing. This is something I’m especially passionate about and I just hope that whoever is reading this can get something out of it.

I’ve talked about the power of words before I think. They should not be underestimated. Words are almost as powerful as ideas. Without words, ideas can’t be as easily conveyed. It has been said that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, and while I believe that, if your words can paint pictures then you’re probably on good terms with words because those words are doing double duty.

Technology has advanced so quickly in so little time that it’s easy to underestimate the power that words still convey. 700 years ago it was expensive to purchase a book as a “common person”. 600 years ago (give or take a few decades and years) the printing press and movable type were invented thus revolutionizing the very concept of the delivery of words. Books became much cheaper to make and then people were better able to afford books. I’m not saying that words weren’t less powerful before then, I’m just saying that with the advent of new technology it became easier for people to access information contained in those words. Fast forward to now and the internet has changed things so much that words are slowly losing their power again.

It’s funny to think that the cycle is coming full circle. This is why we will always need good writers. Writers who aren’t afraid to take a stance. The power of writers is that images conveyed through words can be far more subtle and cutting than directly showing that person a picture of a particular idea. Complex concepts can be carefully woven throughout a tale, an allegory, or even a technical document showing how to do something.

I hope that we can understand how our words convey powerful messages and that we shouldn’t let the very ideals and ideas of digital technology get in the way of creating things.

Creating, Conveying
Images or words?
Both are enticing
Designing new worlds

If pictures speak a thousand words
Then a thousand pictures are given wings
A thousand knights, a million swords
Images innumerable hidden within.



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