The Desert

Sand blows in your face. Your eyes feel like they’re closing as they clog up with dust. The heat saps you of all strength. As you look to the left and right you see others struggling with the heat, dust, and endless wasteland too. You’re all on this pilgrimage. It may not be the same one, but you all feel the same struggle. The mountains are on the horizon, one standing taller than the others. That’s where you’re going, but first you have to get through this desert.

Life can sometimes feel like a desert, but it’s not always like this… just sometimes. We all go through dry times, it’s just a factor of life. It’s how we deal with the dry patches that determines how soon we reach our goal. It’s something that I have to learn to do too.

When we’re in the desert of life, we often forget that in many deserts there are oases. An oasis is a place of rest and rejuvenation, it allows us to take a break and relish in the small victories. Another thing to realize is that it’s good to be in the desert for a time, because it strengthens you for the next stage, if you’re wise about how you traverse it.

What I gather from this is that the desert can symbolize parts of our life which seem hard and tedious, but that if we push through we can reach the mountains… but that’s another story.

Don’t be afraid to pursue dreams. There will always be a time when you reach a desert, but there are rest stops in that desert. Keep on keeping on. Keep travelling forward, one foot in front of the other.

Dry times in a dry season
Dry times are there for a reason
Keep moving in spite of this
Keep moving in hope of an oasis

The mountain is there
The goal is clear
Keep going strong
Even when the Journey’s long

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