The Mountain

So you’ve reached the other side of the desert. Not everyone you saw on the journey has gotten here. As you turn to look back you see the people that are still struggling with the heat. Some have collapsed and are just lying there, others are pushing their way through, hoping that their strength of will may just carry them to where you are now. It’s better, you think, to look back, because if you look ahead you’re not sure whether you’ll continue. You’ve reached the mountain.

A million miles high, it stretches beyond sight, the summit just escaping your view. Snow glistens and glows in the sunlight. It is beyond majestic. You begin the climb. At first the going is easy. Stores selling equipment, food, and coffee spread like weeds along the side of the path. They all beg you to stop and listen for a while. Buy this piece of equipment, buy that type of food, and on and on it goes. You listen for a while, it’s wise to get equipped before you climb, but you know that there is more to it than this, and you want to get going.

It’s easy in life to think that once the desert has been crossed it all becomes smooth sailing. Life will be easier now, we say, I’ve gotten past the hard part. Yes, you have, and you’ve grown. What we often don’t realize is that there is so much more that we can do. We are satisfied with what we have, not with what we could become.

We’ve savoured our small victories in the hardness of the desert. We’ve enjoyed the oases, but now we’ve experienced true success. We’ve reached the forests at the bottom of the mountain, and we are satisfied. People gather around us and tell us that we’ve done well, and this isn’t a bad thing, but let’s not get caught up in all the flowery words of success. It is time to take a small break, rest, rejuvenate, and prepare. This is what the bottom of the mountain is for. We need to gather strength and equipment for the climb.

Once we’ve gathered the equipment, once we’re rejuvenated, then we’re ready to continue…

We stand here at the mountain’s feet
We stand here with a sigh of relief
The desert’s journey was hard and long
But here we stand a lot more strong.

Let’s not forget to savour our victory
Let’s also not forget the next step of our journey
Now is the time to prepare for the climb
The next step in growth comes in due time

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