The Summit

Once you’ve gotten past the first few stores, the climb gets harder. There are less stores selling goods, which is both a good and a bad thing. Now you can’t get distracted by the stores clamoring for attention. Now you face a different problem. The sound of silence. It bounces off the cold whites and greys all around you. The higher you get the whiter it gets, and the quieter it gets. You may meet one or two people along the way, and it’s okay to join them, they be going after something different, but you’re both climbing.

Sometimes the silence is broken by the distant rumbling of an avalanche. Other times the wind rises up with a scream and a wail, it whistles around you and your companions, before dying back down to silence. Silence. Your old friend. During these howling winds you long for it’s comfort again. Soon enough you reach the final stretch. This is either the hardest part or the easiest. You start seeing things starting to fall into place, but it still requires that last push, and then you’re there standing at the top of the mountain. The Summit. You look down, and you can see everything laid out before you. The desert where you struggled so long. The foot of the mountain. You’re here. You’ve reached a goal. The question now is what does this taste like? This victory? You tasted success at the bottom of the mountain, but this is something different.

How do we know if we’ve tasted this. Sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of hard work to get to this point. Maybe the Summit isn’t the end of everything you’ve done, maybe it’s the start of a new adventure. Enjoy this moment, the effort to get here was beyond phenomenal. Enjoy the victory. Never forget that there can be other victories. There are other mountains to climb. There are other goals to chase. There is always something else to explore.

The summit is here.
The view is clear.
Everything that you’ve just done,
Is laid bare in the rising sun.

There are other challenges to face.
But you are here, in THIS place.
Think on the future, yes.
But don’t forget to enjoy a rest.

Your journey has reached an end.
You did not break or bend.
Yet these things don’t truly finish
It’s time to chase a new wish.

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