Chasing Destiny.

It’s an interesting sensation standing in the forest. Trees rise up around you. Trees which have stood for many years, and without human interference will stand for many years more. A soft breeze whistles through the trees, touching you delicately on your face. It’s like time has stopped for the briefest moment and all you feel is the breeze and your thoughts.

A path is laid out before you, and as you wander along it you still feel the peace you’ve felt before. A stream meanders among the trees and across your path. It doesn’t care where it’s  going, it just goes. The path doesn’t have to lead to a destination, it can just be a path.

The trees will still grow, do they know what their destiny is? No, they don’t. The stream will continue to meander until it reaches either a pond or a river, does it know what it’s destiny is? No, it doesn’t, it just continues to move. What about the path? Sometimes a path means a destination, other times it’s just a way to get where you’re going. Does the path care where it’s going? No.

These are objects, they all perform a function. It’s vastly different to be a human. The question then is, why does destiny call? I think that it calls because humanity needs a purpose. It’s okay for trees to just stand and grow, that’s their purpose. It’s okay for a stream to just meander and feed a river, that’s it’s purpose. So what is it that so quickly diverts humanity from it’s purpose? A need to be successful?

Destiny is always calling. Maybe the reason we fear it is because it is always pushing us to something bigger and greater than ourselves. Pushing us towards our purpose. Why are we afraid of our purpose? Maybe because it’s easier to sit back and let life happen, rather than pushing into the next steps. Maybe it hurts too much to carry on.

Don’t give up on something if it’s feeling too difficult, but also be wise and question why it is so hard. Sometimes things can be unnecessarily difficult for no easily definable reason. Other times, there’s a reason things are difficult. It’s important to be able to understand why.

Destiny is calling,
Can you hear it?
Destiny is calling,
Do you fear it?

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