Counteracting Competing Thoughts

The feelings come fast, hitting like a steam train. It’s hard to balance them out with everyone else’s desires. A tidal wave of thoughts and emotions. So much to think about. How do you counterbalance what you’re thinking about with what other people think you want? The thoughts keep flooding your system with cortisol and adrenaline, a cocktail of competing desires, needs, and thoughts.

Where do you go when the thoughts hit?
What do you do when life gets tough?
When peoples ideas seem to contradict,
What you yourself are thinking.

I can’t answer that question for you, you can only answer it for yourself. A good way could be to think about what you need to do, not what other people think of you or what they think you should be doing. As a general rule you know your own limits, and if you don’t you’ll learn pretty fast, that’s better than having someone tell you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to listen to advice, just don’t let it be at the detriment of what you understand about your own abilities. I suppose it could be a thing that happens over time as you gain more confidence. I’m not saying that you let your abilities and skills define how you live life (even if they do provide a framework to hang traits off), but just be aware that you can understand who you are in relation to others.

If life seems to be advancing too quickly, then take a step forwards. Forwards into a better head-space. Forwards into a place where you feel comfortable to rest for a while. There will be a place you feel comfortable and at peace, whether it is an activity you do which you enjoy doing, or just relaxing. Don’t be afraid to step back into the fray, and be aware that the people who are throwing thoughts and ideas at you may just be trying to help in their own unique way.

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