The Stories we Tell

Humans are storytellers. We have our own stories, the ones which we are living. We have other stories, the ones which convey a message and a meaning greater than ourselves.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”
Robert McKee 

The lives we live directly correlate with the stories which we tell. If you’ve ever written a story this truth will be more accurate than you realize. I’ve talked about understanding our own stories, but I’m not sure that I mentioned that understanding leads to wisdom. Once you understand, you are better equipped to tell your own story to others.

How do we tell our stories to others. Part of it involves just living it. The more you live your story, the more people are able to relate to it. You can’t escape living, so why not live in the best way you can. Don’t be afraid to tell your story to others, maybe they can learn from it. Not just writing, but speaking, or through music, or through the work you do, or through painting. The avenues to tell your story are endless and there will be a way just your own. One which suits your style and your voice, whether that be by telling it through written word or mathematics or the work that you do every day.

Who you are is uniquely you and there are ways you can communicate without being afraid. Go out and tell your story and if someone is impacted by it then all the better.

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